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The Singing Chef ®
Andy LoRusso

The Singing Chef ® Andy LoRusso

Author of the best-selling Cookbook, "Sing & Cook Italian," recording artist, and celebrity chef, this man is a one-of-a-kind phenomenon!
Thousands of people all over the globe have tasted Chef Andy's delicious food, have sung along with him, and have raved about how
much fun they have had at his shows.

"A Night in Italy" VIP Dinner Show Sample.

Andy LoRusso the Singing Chef ® talks about his roots.

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Sing & Cook with Andy LoRusso Book Cover

Sing & Cook with Andy LoRusso The Singing Chef ®

25th Anniversary Edition

Andy LoRusso, known the world over as "The Singing Chef", gained fame when he published his iconin book "Sing & Cook Italian," which led to a full-time career traveling around the country and the world performing his interactive singing & cooking shows. Thousands have sung along with him and tasted his amazing foods, originating from his Italian (Neapolitan and Sicilian) family.

This 25th Anniversary Edition contains the links to his "That's Amore" CD - the perfect musical complement to cooking a romantic dinner or a celebration with family and friends - and is filled with great recipes for foods that Andy has discovered in his world travels. Everyone can now learn to sing along with Andy as they assemble the ingredients to some of the most loved recipes from Andy and his family. Buon appetito!

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Andy's Signature Recipes

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Andy is a unique talent who has merged together the art of cuisine and singing like no one before... he truly understands how to touch all of your five senses.

Asif Rasheed Syed, Chef/Owner of 21 Spices in Naples, FL

Andy not only demonstrates the masterful cooking of iconic Italian dishes, but also the Italian way of life encompassing more than cooking. It is about enjoyment, laughter, and making connections.

Jim and Tina, Aho-Aho Consulting Inc.

Dear Mr. LoRusso,

When Andy cooks and sings, he brings out the best of his heart and soul...

Tony Gemignani, World Pizza Champion, author, retaurteur

I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you and assist you with the shows. Maybe one day our paths will cross again. Good luck with everything, and I hope that something comes of the Grillin & Chillin, that song was amazing! Take Care Andy

Andy's Logo

— Andy LoRusso